Friday, May 4, 2007

It's Friday -- busiest day of our seminar week

It will be the busiest day ever.
Usually we close seminar room around 8:00 pm on Friday after loading all equipment to our trailer. But today, we have to leave this room by 5:30. It will be very challenging.

We have many cases which can fill up a 53 feet trailer. The trailer is traveling with us while this tour ending on June 4th. Yes, it is a small tour.
A tour transportation company which based in this Phoenix area is providing the trailer and a driver. We are very happy with them.

We planed to see their headquarter on this Monday. Jose was driving us there with the GPS guidance. His favorite guidance of the GPS is "re-calculating".
But, this time, he could successfully arrived to the address without any mistake. What we saw there was big cactus and old houses along the gravel road..... Of course, there were no 53 trailers or an office building.
Ten minutes later, we could finally get to their office.

It was a hot day.
The landscape in my memory start fading away into sepia color.

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